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Over forty million electric bikes will be sold world-wide this year. Here are ten good reasons why:

  1. No licence, registration, insurance, fuel or regular maintenance required.
  2. Commuters in congested urban areas can often get to work quicker by electric bike than by car or public transport.
  3. No Sweat! Is the literal truth - put on the work clothes before leaving home and not have to shower when you get to work.
  4. 250 watts of power is like having someone else doing the pedalling for you.
  5. Safer to ride on shared roadways as compared to a conventional bike.
  6. Hundreds of thousands of people who have been limited by age, injury or illness have increased their mobility via an electric bike - and are having fun doing it!
  7. An electric bike is so useful for those 'short trips' that many get rid of the second car - saving tens of thousands of dollars over the useable life of the eBike.
  8. An electric bike is truly green - over 95% of the bike is recyclable and greenhouse emissions can be even lower than a conventional bike (taking the emissions from the food you consume into account).
  9. You can still get your daily exercise - good electric bikes allow you to change the amount of power assist.
  10. You don't need to be a cycling enthusiast to enjoy riding an electric bike - reduced effort, generous saddle sizes and comfortable seating positions are all perfect for those who find it difficult riding conventional bikes.

Anyone who has been to Europe or Asia will tell you that electric bikes are not a fad or a fashion - they are a practical, clean and enjoyable alternative to the car that has seen exponential growth over the last decade.

In Australia we are lucky to have clean air, beautiful landscapes and some magnificent cycleways - so c'mon join the rEVolution!

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